by which i mean to introduce myself and why this particular blog exists.

Hi, how ya doing? I’m gary smith, just turned 40, father of 3, about to begin my final year of my degree in Interactive Media and obviously many more things but that’ll do for now, apparently brevity is the soul of wit.

The final year of my degree course, mostly, consists of a Final Major Project, which will be exhibited at The Waterfront (Newport), by April/May 2011 and a critical paper (ie dissertation, 5k ish words, own question essay) that is due in January 2011. These blogs will document the journey to those deadlines and also hopefully support them too. Apparently I will be able to publish a book straight from these blogs which would be a handsome way to hand in.

The essay will be about the nature of beauty (perhaps)and how it relates to art, science and maths. My literature review in the second year considered whether science and art are separate in the way that seems to be accepted by society. Though the head of pollsters Ipso Morret (?) says that his job is “more of an art than a science” I reckon that differentation is a falsehood. I would like to look more into the ‘creative’ underpinnings to both disciplines.

I got to decide what my FMP will be, last years third years had to whittle down from 10 ideas so i’ll be blogging here ideas, so far we have:

Chaos Engine, wave particle demo,Time lapsish garden shots (control by dance mat is a plus!), GPS Augmented Reality, Exploded keyboard, interactive world model or other educational tools, location gaming, alternate reality, oversize techArt…

Along the way I will hopefully going to Igfest 2010 to try to stay ahead of 200 Zombies on the Bristol streets on 17/18 September and for 26 – 29 September I’ll be at the Flash on the Beach in Brighton looking at gaming on non Apple formats, as of writing…

Along with my twitter existence, ( facebook, myspace, this, delicious, evernote, mind42 and many more i’ll be looking at how to join together the different social networks to become a bit viral, be a small node… Also got to look at signal to noise ratio, truth of the crowd, economic benefits to developing nations of IT and the whole bruhaha of this modern existence. Radio 4 just had a great show, In Business,  aboutweb 4.0, i was only just getting use to web 2.0! why do they never have version numbers that use the decimals, I wanna see web 2.5 before i commit to the full 3.0.

Yep that’ll do for now, gonna be here a couple of times a week, be great to hear any comments, suggestions, howdies along the way, it should be fun.

laters, g

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