A ratio is the way that something relates to something else, but i’ll bet a £ to a pile of shit that you already knew that.

The ratio that i like to use in a completely incorrect sense is “Signal to Noise”, it’s correct sense is in electronics and if you wanna know more about that please see here but the way that i mean it is the way that we get flooded by information from all directions but so little of it has any relevance. Back when I blogged on myspace I was amazed with other users that had so many ‘friends’ that they would be utterly swamped by random dross.

Of course I try to be more circumspect, my limit for friends on facebook and those i follow on twitter is currently around the hundred mark or i just can’t keep up with the shenanigans of folk. But those on twitter that follow a thousand or tens of thousands can’t really be following them all can they? their updates must blur. There’s only 1,440 minutes in a day for goodness sake. All noise and no signal surely?

Some Ratios that seem to be ingrained in me, currently, are:

80/20 – This is a common business ratio, 80% of your income as a business is likely to come from 20% of your clients, conversely 80% of the trouble comes from 20% of the clients, they are very rarely the same 20% so a good business practice is to change the ratios, get rid of the trouble makers and try to increase the good fee paying customers. This ratio even has a name: “Pareto Principal” and spans peas in pods to land ownership in Italy and many more things, try to apply it to something in your life soon and see if it fits, i’d be delighted to hear.

70/30 – the funny ratio, so if you try to be funny its likely to work 3 times out of 10, obviously this is an average, some people fail 10 times out of 10 and some succeed at a much higher rate, make sure you don’t get stuck in a lift with the former… although perhaps avoiding getting  stuck in a lift is a better aim than worrying who else is in there. This ratio seems to have no support from the little googling i’ve done, maybe the person that told me it was just trying to get me to shut up 70% of the time.

90/9/1 – This is a ratio that is most relevant to this virtual space, 90% are viewers/consumers/lurkers that bring nothing to any content that is created, they don’t comment or interact, happy to just see what is going on while retaining anonymity. 9% of content consumers will add comments and interact and 1% actually create the content. This ratio came to my attention last year and I was hoping to find something on youtube that fitted it perfectly but unfortunately life aint so predictable or accommodating so this whole blog  has been holed below the waterline.

Here’s a tune to deflect attention from that failure:

Was this blog ‘signal’ or ‘noise’, it depends on what you wanted i suppose.

thanks for reading, laters, me

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