More of Making an exhibition of myself

The private view for the Sin Aesthetic show on Friday went well, i even drank Lambrini!

The peril of doing interactive artworks is keeping the bugger together, in one piece and working. This has not happened for Immobile Phone, a friend of my wifes was up there on Sunday and pushed the mouse trackerball thru the painting.

So yesterday I had to spend an hour, using heaps of tape, to stick the trackerball mouse back into the middle of the painting. Not that the mouse is even plugged in, the only interaction withthe piece is the camera but it seems that people just wanna touch stuff.

The processing/programming aspects of the Chaos Engine moved on some today, the software now tracks the redest pixel of the video feed and draws a line joining its points together. Gonna have to hope that there are no bits for punters can break, and that the build is safe as houses.

hmm, tara.

ps the exhibition goes on til March 26th ish (see poster on last post for details) so if you do go along please drop me a line as to whether Immobile Phone is still in one piece and working, ta.

  1. Thanks for the retweet Deb.

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