Impossibilities – beginning of the end

hello, how ya doing?

Semester 2, of my final year of my 3 year degree in Interactive Media started yesterday, 21st February 2011. The culmination is the exhibitions.

1st we are at the Riverfront in Newport, setting up on 3rd May, hopefully press on 4th before public shows start on 6th, we gotta get out by the 10th i believe, so if you can come let me know and you’ll be on the list for opening night.

After we get out of the Riverfront, as well as rebuilding and refining our work we gotta hand in our professional practice module on-line by 4pm on Wednesday 25th May before the Exhibition presentation and hand in at 10am on Thursday 26th May.  Our part of the university grad show is on show at the City Centre Campus in Newport, though the actual room/space we will be showing still has to be agreed.

The word that was decided on a few weeks ago to encapsulate all this wonderful was “impossibilities” or “IMpossibilities” if you can accept it being a joined-up-ed-ness of “IM” (Interactive Media) with the nice idea that “possibilities” can be generated from this process.

Wrong Rubik's Cube

Wrong Rubik's Cube

Roles were allocated in the in the monday afternoon session, i got CEO and treasurer, probably the right roles given my accountancy background although i was never told what CEO actually meant, i thought it meant Criminal Executive Overpower but was prepared to accept that it might be Corporeal Extoplasm Originator, i look forward to acceptance by the rest of my cohort, it should lead to world domination.

Wrong Royal Straight

Wrong Royal Straight

So now, we swim in impossibilities, what up is down… didn’t Armstrong and Miller do that?  anyhoo,  more soon.

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