The Chaos Engine is ALIVE!


My lens arrived next day from ebay and i fitted it today, it covers pretty much the whole pendulum swing area and works well enough. If the user starts a huge swing of the pendulum it will go off the capture area but I’ve decided that I can live with that.It soon enough comes back and slows, aint gravity great!

I took my printer in as well today to see if the whole process would work, i did have some concerns that users would need more than one click to print off the image generated, but i needn’t have worried. The automator software on the mac takes the image generated, shunts it off to the printer and then to another folder for me to use later. Bloody ACE!

Chaos Engine Print 9/Mar/11

One of the first automatic images created by the Chaos Engine.

The printer is now my only bugbear, i have a Brother Inkjet printer and the print quality is darn good but the time it takes to print is over 2 minutes, too long dammit! So i’m trying to hire, or better still have provided by a sponsor, a colour laser printer to print out more quickly.

The full working prototype will be working next Wednesday (16th March) in our room (D9) as part of the Newport City Centre Campus official GRAND opening, I’m tracking the movement of my Comic Relief Red Nose and if any prints are generated I will be asking that the user pays some money so I can pass it on to Comic Relief. Yeah I do occasionally work for charity, but i dont like to talk about it!

So it works, phew! I still need to dress it up all arty and mess with the way that its interacted with, but the Chaos Engine works. Gonna have a beer to celebrate tonight while I watch Spurs v Milan… Happy Days!

Since posting this blog, Creative Review retweeted details, so hi if you are new here, couple of hundred new viewers, here is an image of the Chaos Engine:

The Chaos Engine

    • Brian Malone
    • March 10th, 2011

    Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing more of the images.

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