Chaos Engine – Red Nose Edition


normally my blogs are read by a few friends,a couple of members of my cohort in Interactive Media degree final year at University of Wales, Newport and the random happen-uponers. But last week i replied to a tweet from Creative Review (@CreativeReview) about hoping to sell some prints from my Chaos Engine for Comic Relief.

The Chaos Engine

and my blog readership rocketed to hundreds rather than the tens that it normally settles at.

The Chaos Engine has been set to track red, and the red-est thing around is the red nose. So my plans for Comic Relief are:

Wednesday 16 March 2011 – Grand official opening of the City Centre Campus in Newport, so anyone that is walking around will be invited, i was thinking A4 poster on the window, to have a swing on  the chaos engine, and print off the results for quid or 2, i did a trial last week:


Chaos Engine for Red Nose Day trial
Chaos Engine for Red Nose Day trial

But I ain’t sure that i’m going to get much passing traffic up in D9, (please pop in you’re around) so i’m keen to email runs of the Chaos Engine on the assurance that you’ll give an extra bit (50p, quid, 2 quid, whatever you can spare) to Comic Relief. To do this either tweet me your email @aChaosEngine (or follow me, i’ll follow you, and you’ll be able to email me your address confidentially, phew!) or email directly to and i’ll run the engine, send you your unique RND print as jpg and you’ll be credited (in what ever way you choose) on the deviantART site.

The email options are gonna be open from now available til tea-time (5ish) on Friday, i reckon that i can only generate about 300 a day, first come first served and next available public show of Chaos engine in Newport in May and June 2011. see for more details.

I’ve set up the file save to register when the save is hit, so the final image will include day-month-yr-hour-min-sec and be utterly unique because of that, let alone the chaotic action.

The Chaos Engine is a piece of kinetic sculpture that represents the mathematics and structure of fractals created by the three body problem. The 3 body problem was ‘solved’ by Henri Poincare late in the 19th century and although Henri didn’t know it at the time but in his solution the mathematics of Chaos were revealed.

Henri’s problem was looking at the stability of the Earth, Moon, Sun system to mimic this has been mirrored as i’ve used opposing strong magnets in the base and end of the pendulum to create a chaotic mix of forces that echoes the mathematical problem resolved by Henri Poincare.

Through video tracking the path of the pendulum, a red nose’s journey will be traced into processing on a Mac so that a print can be taken of the fractal image and a copy of the work will also be uploaded to deviantART, each unique in form, time and space.

So the ‘ Engine now has it’s own existence (which is very cool, imo)  :

Twitter – please feel free to follow, atm it’s only me. (and i’m looking like a stalker to a tripod! and more followers will help to give it it’s own identity. (i hope it aint a bigot against anything with less than 3 legs.))
DeviantArt – I joined earlier, as the engine, tonight and really enjoyed writing what the machine thinks of me. That helps the separation between me and the work… hopefully.

phew, don’t i go on, thanks for reading, here’s something automatically beautiful:

14 feb

Chaos Engine

Isn’t it? gs.

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