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Video problems


I thought I’d already posted this so soz if I’m repeating.

For the video capture aspect of the chaos engine I am using a Sanyo mini dv camera. I tried 3 webcams and found them all lacking for brightness and frame rates so had to use a video camera.

Unfortunately the capture area of the camera is only 55 by 44cms, I could really do with 90cm square. To get closer I have bought a .5 wide angle lens that should get my capture area to 83 by 66… And I’ll report what my 20 quid eBay spec can deliver. The option was a 80 quid .2 fish eye from the Newport camera shop.

My new lens will be here by Wednesday, so I’m going into uni with it and a printer for a tech run of the chaos engine.

Main unknown ( in the Rumsfeld sense) is how I can get the Mac automator to print on just one click?

Any hints?