The Year of cashing in Generally

How very tricky of WordPress to send an update so close to new year, it’s almost as if they knew I didn’t get a diary as a gift.

This will be a year of ‘cashing in generally’ and I would like to document it.

While up at D’s earlier I got back my (forgotten who I’d lent it to) ‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’ book. Tidy! I thought to myself and said “maybe it’s a Scholostic 1st edition” … Turns out it isn’t . But it Is a scholastic 3rd edition, printed in 2001 as part of the mass market edition.

It could be worth a couple of hundred quid, woo hoo.

On retelling the tale to wifey she enquired, “well why not sell it?” And my reply was, as usual, that it was for the kids. “Why?” She asked and it occurred to that


Sod the kids

I’m gonna cash in what I’ve got

So this year I am going to reduce my (5000 plus) comic collection, sell some of my books, vinyl and my very soul for a few extra quid of earthly existence… Yeah that’ll learn ’em about what matters in life!

Subscribe through the WordPress system or come by thru social media, be great to hear how you are gonna improve 2014 or how you are going to make a mark on it.

Happy new year to one and all, it’s gonna be a great one. Hugs


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